What Affects the Value of Your Business When You’re Trying to Sell

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What Affects the Value of Your Business When You’re Trying to Sell

When you are looking to sell put your small business for sale, you want to make sure that you get the most out of it. In the long run, your goal is to make a profit. But how exactly can you make that happen? Here at Quantum Business Brokers, our team of professionals is here to make sure you know the factors that affect the value of your business for sale South Florida. Let our Miami professionals help you! 


What Impacts The Price?

Consider the following factors: 

  • Business Longevity
    • Business longevity is important to most buyers, and they are likely to pay more for a business that has a 10 or 15-year history and shown resiliency in the face of challenges than for the same business showing the same profit that is only two years old and hasn’t had to deal with any turmoil yet.
  • Intellectual Property
    • Is the online aspect of your business working for you? Have you assigned someone to monitor your online presence? Is your website optimized for search engines? This is particularly important if the business is an eCommerce company or otherwise does most of its business online.
  • Recurring Income
    • A business with recurring income is more highly valued by buyers than one that has to make every sale every day.
  • Client Diversification
    • The more diverse a business’ client or customer base is, the lower the risk to the business if one or two leave – and the higher the value because of that lower risk.
  • Geography
    • A desirable area will mean a steady inflow of clients/customers as more people move in.
  • Type of Business
    • Some businesses are more “socially acceptable” than others and, just as they do when buying a car, many buyers will visualize themselves owning a particular business and consider what that business says about them.


Put Your Small Business For Sale

Selling your business is a decision that should be made from a financial and personal standpoint. As a result, you should always speak with a knowledgeable business specialist who will help guide you through the process.


We issue an opinion of what a business may sell for, based upon our analysis of available data, industry expertise, knowledge of local markets and lending, comparable business for sale, and comparable past sales. Based on our experience as business brokers, we deliver a realistic range of most probable sale price. Our Opinion of Value will aid a business owner in setting expectations on what the business may sell for, given the intended flow of potential buyers, at that given time. An Opinion of Value can be used to set a price to offer the business for, or just to keep the seller informed of what to expect if a business is offered without a price.


Check Out Our Business for Sale South Florida

It is time for you to put your small business for sale! Quantum has one sole function, and that is helping clients buy or sell their business. We serve business buyers and sellers in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Monroe Counties.


We have years of experience helping business owners to sell their business, plan their exit strategies, and grow their business by buying other businesses. Exiting a business is a life-changing event, and we take care of all the process for you. Whether it is expanding your product line or your market reach, a business acquisition can achieve in the short term a substantial growth of your business. Call us today for more information on the business for sale South Florida. We know all the information when it comes to business brokers Miami! 


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