Exit Planning

An exit strategy, exit plan, or strategic withdrawal, is a way to terminate either one’s ownership of a company or the operation of some part of the company. Entrepreneurs, business owners and investors devise ways of recouping the capital they have invested in a company and the capital gains they have generated. The most common strategy is simply to sell their business or equity position to someone else.

Define the Objectives of the Exit Plan

The Exit Plan objectives are the owners objectives. We will consider the ownership structure and the relations with partners and main equity stake holders to map and understand the owners and his business present situation. We will clarify the main three elements of the exit strategy; At which point in time will I want to sell my business? How much is my business value and how much cash flow do I want for the years after my exit plan is executed? Who do I want to transfer my business to?


Determination of value elements

We will identify the main Value Drivers and we will be able to detect any hidden Value Drivers. Hidden Value Drivers could be the ones that are sub valued if left at their present shape, or Value Drivers that are not present and can be included with minimal resources. The question at hand will be, is there opportunity to increase value with a simple grooming processes?

Grooming and shape up

We will execute any grooming opportunities along with other advisors of your trust’, like your lawyers, accountants, insurance and estate planners, to execute the actions that will enhance the Value Drivers of your business.


Protect Value Drivers

We will work with your team of advisors and your business management to set mechanisms that ensure the Value Drivers are preserved during the exit planning phase, and its execution.

Devise options of transferring your business

We will map the options available for you to transfer your business, either to a third party, or to other family members or employees. We will present to you the pros and cons of each one of them in a clear and easy to evaluate manner.


Selection of transfer option and timing

We will help you select the option of transfer, and the timing of it. At this point the exit plan will show you the synchronization of the timing originally set by you, and how the conditions of the market could impact delaying or accelerating its execution. You will be able to evaluate the optimal timing of the transfer.

Business Continuity Assurance

We will detect all foreseeable contingencies that your business might encounter during the transfer stage and will set a discrete plan to ensure a communication, and business procedures that will safeguard your business against them.



We will take you by the hand in the execution of the transfer. We will put all the resources of the Quantum Business Brokers, and our group of professional intermediaries so you can select the best buyer available, and execute the transfer of your business.

Fit Transfer into your Personal Wealth and Estate Plan

We will make sure that the transfer and its execution fits perfectly with your Estate plans by working closely with your trusted advisors. We will put to your benefits our comprehensive set of tools and resources so you get the best possible from your transfer. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

Free consultation.

Quantum is committed to providing our clients with access to highly educated and professional consultants. Our franchise specialists have excellent tools and resources to provide you the most up-to-date information available. They have placed thousands of people in the right business and franchise opportunity. There is no fee and no obligation for working with one of our consultants. We will provide you with valuable knowledge concerning franchising and the different opportunities available.