Want to Buy a Business Miami Locals Love? Look Out for These Things!

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Want to Buy a Business Miami Locals Love? Look Out for These Things!

Are you looking to invest or buy a business this year? This is a big life decision that you need to make sure you do all your research in order to ensure you get the best results. Here at Quantum Business Brokers, our professionals are here to make sure you know what things to look out for when it comes to business for sale Miami. 


First Things First

Before you get started on your journey for a new business, you need to make sure you are prepared. During this time it is smart to get a lawyer or an accountant to help you with all the paperwork that way you know for sure everything is perfect, and you won’t run into bumps along the road. We are happy to share some things you should be clear on before you close a deal.


Things To Know Before You Buy A Business

  • Make sure you’re buying the assets, not the business. 
  • Ask about sales taxes and payroll taxes.
  • Determine who will deal with the accounts receivable.
  • Find out if you can assume the seller’s lease.
  • Are there prepaid expenses?
  • Negotiate a “letter of intent.
  • Watch out for bulk sales laws.
  • Get an indemnity from the seller.
  • Make sure the seller sticks around for a while.
  • Get to know the employees.


Let Us Help You!

Selling your business is a decision that should be made from a financial and personal standpoint. As a result, you should always speak with a knowledgeable business specialist who will help guide you through the process.


Quantum Business Brokers assists with the financing of business purchases, specifically SBA loans, nationally. Business brokers, buyers, and owners are all part of the equation, and Quantum works with all players to assist in SBA loan financing for business purchases.


We issue an opinion of what a business may sell for, based upon our analysis of available data, industry expertise, knowledge of local markets and lending, comparable business for sale, and comparable past sales. Based on our experience as business brokers we deliver a realistic range of most probable sale price. Our Opinion of Value will aid a business owner in setting expectations on what the business may sell for, given the intended flow of potential buyers, at that given time. An Opinion of Value can be used to set a price to offer the business for, or to keep the seller informed of what to expect if a business is offered without a price.


Call Us For Business for Sale Miami

It is time for you to buy a business! Quantum has one sole function, and that is helping clients buy or sell their business. We serve business buyers and sellers in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Monroe Counties.


We have years of experience helping business owners to sell their business, plan their exit strategies, and grow their business by buying other businesses. Exiting a business is a life-changing event, and we take care of all the process for you. Whether it is expanding your product line or your market reach, a business acquisition can achieve in the short term a substantial growth of your business. Call us today for more information. We know all the information when it comes to business for sale Miami! 


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